What glue do you use to glue silicone rubber to steel?

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 What glue do you use to glue silicone rubber to steel?

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Silicone rubber is the most difficult polymer to join to anything using adhesives. It can be done cheaply, if care is taken. Here's one way. 

You will need: 
Silicone spliced with metal at nature should match with KN-300 is the best.
KN-300A also can be used.

Method of application:
• Surface treatment: Cleaning the material's surface
• Gluing: The gluing thickness cmple(≤) 5mm
• Pressing: More than 2 hours pressing,Storage at room tempreture for 24 hours

•  KN-300 / KN-300A is easy to sure once contacting with moisture, must storage in one whole piece complete seal,cool and lucifugal.
•  Pls fasten down the the cover after using to avoid the sovlent volatilizing.
•  Avoid eye contact. If irritation occurs, flush eye(s) with lukewarm gently flowing water for 5 minutes.  Obtain medical attention. 

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