What are the benefits of using a rubber keyboard?

From:admin 2019-06-26

coating solution for silicone keypads

cost-effective: rubber keyboards are relatively cheap, but require quite expensive tools, often making them a design choice for high-capacity projects.

 Outdoor weather resistance: rubber keyboard has super high temperature resistance and aging resistance. Silicone rubber also has excellent chemical resistance and moisture resistance.

Design flexibility: rubber keyboard provides a variety of beauty and aesthetic choices, as well as tactile feedback customization.

Excellent tactile feedback: the geometry of the keyboard belt creates a three-dimensional keyboard with a strong tactile response and a longer switch stroke. The driving force and switch stroke can be customized according to your requirements. Can use carbon balls, non-conductive rubber actuator or stainless steel topping. You can use keyboards of different shapes and sizes, or you can use rubber hardness meters of different hardness.