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Silicone chemical materials can be widely used and made into numerous products.Developing is crucial to every procedure in the production process, and the quality of the materials would easily be effected as each step is closely linked to one another. So far, most of the technique questions has been succesfully sovled by develop group and earned the believable from all over the world.
In 2010, a new products ELASTOSI KN-300 series adhesive has been succesfully developed as the same quality and function for instead of Wacker's E41 and E43. Wacker's products has a strong adhesion for stick silicone to silicone, and we are doing the same.
Our factory focus on silicone rubber chemical materials. such as silicone additives, RTVHTV silicone, liquid siliconesilicone curing agentplatinum vulcanizing agent, anti-yellowing silicone curing agent, silicone glue,silicone primersilicone activator, optically clear adhesive, instant glue, silicone printing ink, fevi tack, self-adhesive, liquid medicine, silicone curing agent, conductive coating, printing ink, siicone colorant, soft touch paint, anti-frost agent, silicone modifier, silicone catalyst, mold release agent, silicone and so on. 
Application for Home Works, Medical Industrial and Electric Appliance and State Grid Corporation.